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Canna EP


Loft Records

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The Belfast-born producer is well known for his lauded releases on Feel My Bicep (in collaboration with the label founders) as well as Optimo Music but production isn’t his only facet. Hammer has shared DJ booths with the likes of Hunee, Sasha, Midland, Craig Richards and nd_baumecker, whether at his residency at Sub Club or at his many gigs throughout Europe.

With Loft Recordings reflecting on a prosperous 2016, including a class two track release from Isaac Tichauer, followed by a chart topping remix package featuring Hackman, Dorsia, Lancelot and Bicep, Hammer’s innovative contribution to the imprint looks to follow suit.

Soaring pads and intricate drums form the overall aesthetic of ‘Canna’ but as the track progresses serene melodies and subtle snare rolls come together to form a harmonious eruption of synths. ‘Manaka’ then shifts to syncopated percussion and spectral nuances before ‘Man Ray’ delivers distorted atmospherics and twisted chord sequences to conclude the package.

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