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Lost Property Volume 4 12”


Lost Property

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Your Lost Property is ready for collection.The mysterious series of Reduxes, reworks & re- versions continues. Wild rumours abound on who is behind them, but it seems likely PBR Streetgang may have something to do with it, that or the ghost Bobby Orlandos Tape Op, we can’t be sure…

The collection of oddities kicks off with the spacey titled ‘Ganu Ganu’, an Apocalyptic sounding wrong-speeder that tensely builds a for a huge slow mo collision, crash helmet required. ‘Financial Times Dub’ is anything but economic with its use of slap bass guitar, and your all the richer for it..

On the flip things are no less funky but in an italo tinged vein with, with ‘Don’t Come Runnin’. As Balearic as it is Adriatic as it is Boogie. Finishing the quartet of curveballs is ‘Princess of Persia’ A a hi tempo disco roller with a hypnotic groove to charm the scales of a Cobra and sleazy vibe that makes you want to reach for the liquid gold & head to the DownLow.. if you know then you know..

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