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Lost Property Volume 3 12”


Lost Property

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Your Lost Property is ready for collection. The mysterious series of Reduxes, reworks & re- versions continues. Wild rumours abound about who is behind them, but it seems likely PBR Streetgang may have something to do with it, that or ghost of Walter Gibbons, we can’t be sure…

From the obscure and rare Proto electro gem “Endo” to the Adriatic, windswept euphoria of “Rimini Cruising” and then a sultry, spacey one night stand that is “Hott in the City” .

On the flip, the classic re- cut of “Do It Yer Sen” it’s vocal message ringing as true up on the bleak moors of Yorkshire as it does on the mean streets of New York. Finally “Say Anything” takes us home on a wing and a prayer, a perfect end of the night record…

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